What 2012 elections wrought: Unfortunately, the established order (element two)

As a new year beckons it will always be a good idea to measure the present through consequence the long run. We cannot alter the past. We can only change the near future. However, changing the near future is not very easy as we are relayed through those who live charmed lives. To keep from repeating the identical mistakes every year takes a great deal of effort. First, you should take note of the mistakes. Then it takes the commitment to right them. In that sense our life is the first, second and third principles of Newtonian physics at their utmost and their worst.
Not four years (1949) following your 'end' from the Second World War the US had 'military advisors' in South Vietnam.
Slowly initially then more rapidly there was a lot in troop strength in Southeast Asia. There was any excuses for people to throw in the contrived, some might say perceived Communist menace. In short, there was a need for cannon fodder. More for the point there was clearly a need to stop dead in their tracks an increasing grassroots leftist movement---but not merely in Southeast Asia---inside US as well.
Who preferable to sacrifice and so appease the gods of war as opposed to most able bodied teenage boys in the US who due to their age can't yet vote and therefore had no say inside matter? This feeding the gods of war would go on for as long as it popularized break the back of the growing leftist movement inside the US. Then it proceeded for much longer than 1975 so as to insure that this left was held in check.
I mention this because it is central towards the statement that there was clearly a leftist movement brewing inside the US. There has been a left leaning tendency in this nation from the outset. There has also been in the same way constant a tendency in the right to crush that left leaning tendency in the outset as well.
It should be noted that even following your end of WWII, 1945, and also the Tuskegee Airmen as well as the 761st Tank Battalion notwithstanding-- Blacks, African-Americans were being bought, sold and traded through the South and Jim Crow was a borning. Jim Crow would survive for almost another three decades effectively keeping slavery in place by another name.
And if Jim Crow wasn't enough to quell the noise of civil rights activists the draft was. As the number of young Americans in uniform in Vietnam grew, it was as if no person noticed except of course for the teenagers.
Young men were being selectively thrown in to the jungles of Southeast Asia by a lottery system run by local conscription boards run by White community leaders. These draft boards were comprised of fine upstanding citizens of each one respective local area. There was little random or fair about them.The draft was simply an effective tool of social engineering. The male children of people that ran 'selective service' boards were safely ensconced in universites and colleges. It was no coincidence. University and college attendance exempted males from conscription. Then as now college enrollment was almost exclusively the domain of White males.
It will be the working hypothesis on this blog how the conflict in Vietnam and actually most US 'wars' since WWII are actually the result of both an increasing sense of entitlement on the part from the burgeoning military-industrial complex and also the insecurity in the majority population. The insecurity is propelled by a fear of those that are different, those of color---and not really just in those foreign nations we invade.
For almost a decade there would be half millions of young Black, Hispanic and poor Whites in the grass on any day in Southeast Asia. They would battle Quixotically against a Quixotically imagined enemy of 'freedom loving people everywhere.'
At best it was the consequence of paranoid schizophrenic thinking---paranoid schizophrenic 'thinking' being part of leadership inside 'free world.' At worst it absolutely was the contrived and manipulated age for opportunistic capitalist extremists and leaders from the burgeoning military-industrial complex.
This nation had just emerged in the decade (1950's) that was at once very Medieval-conservative but which unbeknownst for it also incubated a leftist movement of resentment that might shake the foundation from the political right. That incubating leftist movement would cause conservatives to come up with a repression likewise brutal as anything any Third World bully can rain down upon those unfortunate enough being living in that world. It was Bashar Al-Asaad with finesse.
It was the decade that shamefully gave this nation, the institutionalized pledge of allegiance, 'In God We Trust', the McCarthy Era witch hunts, blacklisting, slavery by another name within the form of Jim Crow laws and a twice elected national hero becasue it is figure head.
But inspite of the iron-grip the majority White population had about the nation there were unrest fomenting inside the nation's womb.
The election of 1960 while very conservative and never without 'voting irregularities' with the time seemed radical. Things radical would come as soon as the election but not as a direct result in the election.
Nothing much has changed since then. Statistically it's still a similar number of people graduating universities and colleges. The rate is even about the identical by type and amount of degree. The numbers of senior high school educated students who go on to college has stayed a constant because of these many decades as well.
When the 1960's rolled out an entirely other USA rolled out from it. This was the generation of free love, drug users, free-thinkers, a generation of resistance fighters as well as other non-conformist malcontents. In short it was a good time, however tumultuous and radical, to get alive. It was obviously a throw back to the days prior to US Revolution.
The 1960's would be a decade-sized maelstrom of music, art, writing reflecting living and times that inspired it. It would be a time in the event the young as well as some of the not so young pushed back hard from the racist, repressive, 'hell fire and brimstone' majority inside a most pugnacious way.
There have been times inside history of this nation once the puppet masters choosing a lump sum control of their carefully orchestrated conservative repression and power over their tools of social engineering. This was one of those. But when you hold all of the cards, money and power any effort to veer off the course by upstarts may be put down. In that sense the controllers on this nation aren't different than the controllers of Syria, China, Russia or some other repressive regime on the planet.
No doubt in 2008 many young adults sought and thought they were advocating for 'real change.' What the election of 2008 needs to have made very clear to observers is the fact that real change is just not so easy to find. If the 2008 election didn't disabuse the many concerned citizens on this nation then this 2012 election surely will. But you say, wait the president won re-election on the capitalist extremist! To that I respond, 'look again.'
The 2012 election should have made very clear that money is power. That the top 2% in general along with the top 1% particularly are unwilling to offer, share or transition their power. No distinct from in Egypt, Syria, Russia or China the powerful elite has no intention of quitting any of its control or power. That's simply not going to happen.
Only a people's movement can initiate the force capable of challenging the status quo. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, for instance, almost designed a difference. OWS at the very least woke up some people. That movement was obviously a throwback on the efforts from the last century.
People's movements are insurgent naturally. Their counter-culture nature is often a threat as real every revolution. They are the essence of revolution and change.
What the united states is experiencing presently can be as old as the republic itself. It may be get more info the age old battle between your 'haves' along with the 'have nots.'
In Vietnam almost half a million representatives in the US 'have nots' struggled to survive in the jungles of Southeast Asia with only 'mother's little helper' to alleviate the pain of poverty, war and discrimination at the same time an average of 500 body bags were flown home each month for almost a decade. Because the bodies were the ones from Blacks, Hispanics and poor Whites no-one noticed, significantly less cared.
Also struggling were the natives in the land we invaded who as far as they were concerned had done nothing to bring on this onslaught through the US.
Meanwhile, the 'haves' found Vietnam a ready made research and development lab ready for that taking and exploiting. It was an R & D lab funded by the US 99 percent along with the disadvantaged of Vietnam.
Critics on this hypothesis request proof. The proof is everywhere. It's a a few reading, seeking it and making the text. The proof is in the lies used to justify the invasion of sovereign nations generation after generation---and there is a reason for that, too.
From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way'
Hasta Siempre,

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